Wellness Video Sharing

Can-Care understands the needs of caring and support that give them the best accessibility to the services that we provide.  Watch some of our wellness video sharing conducted with health care profession within the industry.

Resources Sharing

Healing the hearts of cancer patients

THE National Strategic Plan for Cancer Control Programme (NSPCCP) was initiated with the aim to reduce the negative i...

The Importance of Wearing A Breast Prosthesis

Do you want to know more about #breastprosthesis ? Here is the chance for you!

Reduction of Hair Damage with Scalp Cooling

化学疗法的药物的原理是透过打击体内快速分裂的癌细胞,从而抑制肿瘤生长。头发组织细胞是人体分裂速度极快的细胞之一,所以受化疗的影响较大,也因此,化学治疗而导致的脱发症(Chemotherapy Induced Alopecia)成了常见...

Helping cancer patients adapt to life after diagnosis

A very common cancer, about 5% of Malaysian women are at risk of being diagnosed with it. Accepting the diagnosis an...

Can-Care MCO Period Care for Breast Cancer Patient

During the period of Movement Control Order (MCO), many women choose not to wear underwear in order to relax and com...

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