What is Cancer Care Coaching Program?

Empower Patients for a Sustainable Change

To help patients to create successful and sustainable change after cancer to improve their quality of life and heath. To empower cancer patients to regain a sense of control and normalcy throughout their recovery journey.

Unique Tailored to Individual Need

A program that is uniquely tailored to individual need of every cancer patient by considering patient's profile, priorities and needs. A program that develops realistic action steps that fit into her/his day-to-day life.

A Safe Environment

To provide safe space where patients can talk about their experience and let go of negative emotion. It is also an opportunity to have someone holding you accountable for the change that you have committed.

Healthy behaviours for better recovery! 
Make a commitment to your health and wellness today that you will never regret!

How Does it Work?

We customize each coaching relationship to meet each patient needs based on their health history, personality and diagnosis

Through 1-to-1 coaching sessions by our Certified Cancer Coach as well as group workshops by Healthcare Personnel (Registered Nurses / Nutritionist).

After an initial assessment, your dedicated Cancer Coach will develop a 12-week personalised coaching program that focuses on your priorities.

Every week, you will have an appointment with your Cancer Coach to review the current progress, discuss any areas of concern.

Key Difference Between Coaching And Counselling


Primarily focuses on the past to make sense of the present and a starting point of healing you so that you eventually move forward.

The client contributes to the process of goal-setting and action planning, but this is led by the counsellor.

COUNSELLOR as a therapeutic expert, counsellors own the process, diagnose the client and they set the specific healing path by developing a healing plan, which defines the actions to be taken by the client.


Primarily focuses on the future moving from the present to create an action plan to get to a desired new state.

The client owns the process, does self-assessment of current reality, sets their own goals for a future state, defines the actions to be taken and is viewed as able to do this on their own.

COACH is a thinking partner who co-creates solutions, guides, asks incisive questions, inspires, provides resources and challenges you to act. You are in control of the process, the space and the direction you want to take the coaching journey.



Clinical Nutritionist, Stress Consultant, Certified Professional Trainer & Coach, Certified Neuro Semantics & NLP Practitioner, Certified WHP Consultant


Advanced Diploma in Diet & Nutrition, Diploma in Nutrition (Sports and Exercise), Certified Professional Trainer & Coach, Certified Neuro Semantics & NLP Practitioner, Diploma in Adult & Continuing Education, Certified Quit Smoking Consultant


Medical Doctor, Public Health Physician, Master in Cancer Epidemiology, Tobacco Control Specialist (International), Expert Member, WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, Assoc Professor & Senior Lecturer, Lincoln University, Medical Director, MyWATCH

Are you Ready to Talk?

Schedule Your Complimentary Call With Our Certified Cancer Coach Today!

You deserve to feel empowered to face cancer with greater confidence and regain a sense of normalcy! Are you ready to make a commitment to your health and wellness today that you'll never regret?

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